What is AR & VR?

What is the difference?

Virtual reality is an immersive simulated experience that imitates the real world.The idea of virtual reality has existed for a long time. However, the technology is relatively new.In the beginning, virtual reality lacked quality and was overpriced. Additionally, it was only used for military, medical, or educational purposes. It's still used in these fields, but it has reached the general public through video games and the entertainment industry. Read on to know more about virtual reality.

Mainly five types of virtual reality can be experienced like real life through a virtual reality headset and more gadgets. These types are: non-immersive, semi-immersive, fully-immersive, augmented reality, and collaborative VR.

Non-immersive virtual reality is where you interact through computers with virtual environments, but they don't interact with you directly. An example of non-immersive VR is 'Dota 2,' where you interact with the game's virtual environment through a character, but not directly.

Semi-immersive virtual reality is where you interact through computers or VR glasses, but there's no physical sensation other than the visual. An example of semi-immersive VR is a web-based or device-based visual tour, which has become quite common.

Fully-immersive virtual reality is where you get to experience it as if you're physically present in the virtual environment.Fully-immersive VR can be experienced through VR glasses, body detectors that detect sense, gloves, and more.An example of fully-immersiveVR is a Virtual Gaming Zone where people wear special gear to interact and play.

Augmented Reality lets the user experience the virtual world, as immersed in the real world, through a phone screen.The best example of Augmented Reality is the game 'Pokémon Go,' where the Pokémon appear on the screen as if present in front of you.

Collaborative Virtual Reality is where users from various locations accumulate as 3D characters in a virtual environment. An example of collaborative VR is the game, 'PUBG' where the 3D personas of the players interact in that environment.

Since the invention of virtual reality, it has served its purpose in medical, military, entertainment, travel, and many more industries. NASA is using virtual reality devices, like motion-sensing devices from the Xbox One gaming console, Oculus, and more.The United States military has invested in VR to train soldiers to give them a realistic, immersive experience before deployment.